What impact does a professional head-shot create?

Professional Headshots


Professional headshots are essential for those laying a foundation for building their personal brand, for small businesses, individuals looking for jobs, for publishing your own book, and for the aspiring models and actors.

Headshots have come a long way in terms of the technicalities, which means that if you have not been updating it for the past a few years, you might just fall behind! As professionals, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking platforms, where headshots are taken to stand out and to help you succeed in a professional environment.

It makes a difference in the corporate world, as for instance, when the speakers of conferences are introduced, it is important to do the right thing.

At Make My Memories, we are experienced in taking that professional corporate headshot that would represent you at various platforms.

The majority of our clients know where to use these headshots, but the most common question that we are asked is about the impact of a professional headshot. While we are at it, I will answer this very question in simple words.


What impact does a professional headshot create?


The impact of a rightly clicked professional headshot determines the strength of your personal brand.

Just like a business has the logo, that makes people decide if they want to be their customers or do business with them or not, a headshot also works in a similar way.

In the corporate environment, a professional headshot on your Teams Profile, LinkedIn, Conferences, etc, would be the first point of contact for professionals that whether they would like to connect or work with you or not.


Similarly, for those looking for jobs, this works as a great first impression and allows recruiters to understand the professionalism that you possess.

It engages your target audience, be it your colleagues, or your clients.

Lift your image instantly, with the best of your headshots, clicked by expert photographers!

We have various packages for individuals, and businesses right in your budget, to suit your requirements.


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