How to Prepare for Your Family Photoshoot

Family photoshoots have become a very trendy as well as personalized way of capturing your family in its various stages of growth. The photoshoots help make moments of intimacy come to life that you can cherish and have storytelling sessions around. The photoshoot is a an extremely private affair where not many and most things you can control especially when there are kids in the family (which is mostly the case because predominantly it’s for them that family photoshoots are planned). However, since photoshoots are all about pre-planning a moment, there some things which if you take care of, the resultant photo session and its outcomes would come out to be pretty fantastic!
1. Ensure no naps and meals come in between
For kids and specially and even for adults, a happy mood is a combination of a well-rested mind and well-fed body. Ensure that you as well everyone has their tummies full and naps done so that there is no crankiness as the shoot begins. Further, you can carry some tit-bit snacks to keep the hunger pangs in-check and also have some great incentives for the kids to simply smile to the camera.
2. Decide on a tentative date
If you have all grown-ups in the family, you can have a shoot anytime but when kids are involved you need to keep some dates aside so if one doesn’t work you can move to the next. Children especially the young ones or toddlers tend to get very moody and ill in no-time. This due to various development reasons including the arrival of milk teeth which makes them irritable and furious.
3. Pick a theme and shoot style
You could sit with the photographer, have a look at their portfolio and decide what aspects of their working style suits you better. As you go through portfolios, you can also come up with various innovatory concepts and ideas that reflect your family’s own uniqueness and ideals. You can simply choose a color palette and work around it or have it themed around both of the parents’ or kids’ favorite movies and/or series. This can be a refreshing take on it, especially if you’ve already have had a simple and minimalistic candid photoshoot before.
4. Choose your location
Selecting a space to shoot is one of the most important criterions that determines how the pictures might turn out like. If you choose to have your shoot majorly in an outdoor setting, various factors like lighting, exposure and other things are well in place and the pictures come out amazingly well. The location also determines how well would your kids and mainly pets enjoy which is a factor that is not a lot in our control. So choosing an open, familiar and playful place like a park or your backyard can help open up various opportunities not just for the photographer but your family as well.
5. Build a rapport
Art is largely dependent on the artists because its literally their reflection. This is why having a rapport with the photography and introducing them to the kids becomes important. When you include kids in the discussions and have what you are upto known, it becomes more familiar and natural for them to engrain themselves in it and take part actively. Additionally, a good rapport results in kids surprisingly listening more to the photographer than the parents sometimes. Instructing angles and poses or simply correcting a posture is never taken offensively when you work closely with the photographer and understand where they are coming from.
Nevertheless, as long as it’s you with your family in the togetherness, there is absolutely no bad weather or grumpy faces that can spoil a photo. It all comes down under good humor and gives even more opportunities to have a variety of expressions that’ll later make you, “oh, such a candid” :D

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