5 Ways to Have the Best Cake Smashing Photoshoot

Cake smash has become a fun way to celebrate the messy but crafty side of a baby’s birthday. It’s probably the only time when parents genuinely enjoy and encourage their babies to create a bigger mess in place for cuter, more adorable photographs. The entire event is looked forward to and the photographs are usually framed or kept for cherishing the beautiful memories.

The two major highlights of any birthday are the cake and the person whose being celebrated and the cake smash photo sessions capture both of those beautifully! Further, when there are kids in the scenario, it becomes a notch cuter and delightful.

Since we do so many of such shoots, here are some tips to make this session even more special and adorable for your family:
1. Take some prep shots
Before diving straight into the cake smashing, take a few before pictures with the baby ready to feast in. You can have the kid play with many accessories and props to set in a playful mood. This way the baby can also get comfortable with being in front of the camera and you can in return have some amazing shots. Once you get the right angles and profile of the baby, you can go ahead with placing the coveted cake.
2. Select the right cake
Apart from choosing the right cake that matches the theme of the décor and ambience as well as the baby’s attire, it is important to look for a finish that assists in the photoshoot. Don’t get a very wide or tall cake that hides the baby behind it or isn’t feasible to be smashed. Further, make sure that you don’t use a fondant cake and have sufficient frosting on it for the baby to be able to have good fun.
3. Be in the loop
Of course, the photographer knows the right angles and ways to photograph but you know the baby (the best vactually) and hence it's very important that you create a comfortable environment for him/her, so they can not just get great photos clicked but also have good fun. You can bring in their favourite toys or play their favourite rhymes and tunes to get them in the mood. You can also place and position your baby in the best place that you know would suit the mood and theme well.
4. Accessorize thematically
You would definitely want to accessorize the baby and his/her surrounding with good props that go with your planned theme. So, like if you’re opting for a Hawaiian theme, you could add the floral garlands and jute hats with drinks or for a Disco theme, you could throw in a disco ball and sequined clothes with fancy glasses. Play around with the place and props with a theme and all of it would sync instead of looking like an unnecessary add-on.
5. Wait for that smile & have fun
Most importantly, be patient and keep smiling as your baby is always watching and reflecting your mood. When you’re happy and give in time for the baby to pose and come in the mood by himself or herself then you capture great moments together as a family. This makes it even more fun and worth the time and effort. Keep dancing and singing to distract your little one and for this exceptional moment, push them to smash that cake harder and say cheeeeeze!

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