3 Reasons to Focus on Product Photography

Our five senses act as different windows to the outer world, especially when it comes to venturing the markets. Every brand and business owner in the market is trying to engage as many senses as possible in giving you a vivid and quality experience of their product/service. With the rapidly mounting number of business ventures going online to keep functionality smooth in these times of Covid-19, pictorial depiction of your product means everything.

As 75% of users commend product photos to be a predominant factor in forming a discretion on whether to make a purchase or not, Product Photography is a staple ingredient in making businesses sell online. Here are the Whys and Hows on staying ahead in the game:


When making a purchase online you can’t touch and hold to see the product from different angles, making you solely rely on the description and photos, therefore they should be detailed and eye-catchy. As per studies by Shopify about online consumer behaviour, only 0.52% want to see a single product photo, 33.16% prefer to analyse multiple photos and about 60% want images that allow them to explore the product 360º. The background, lighting, placement, and angles are essential to provide the customer with a holistically fulfilling experience. Make sure the images are clear of blur, noise, and pixel expansion.


According to Weebly’s research22% of online product returns are because the ordered items look different than in the photos. This is why genuineness of the product display is important and you as a retailer ought to short-list products that would go on display. It should be made sure that the photos look as real and close to the original product as possible whilst only working at refining its traits on screen, so there’s substantial transparency.

Additionally, avoid uploading generic photographs as they would already be in use by other websites and users could end up there as they would feature the same product. Original pictures assure that you separate yourself from the other sellers and create your own unique brand image. You can also experiment and use backgrounds apart from white and break the “Amazon-norm”.


Any painting is as good as it’s painter. The selection of a good photographer is a key criterion in successfully capturing your vision and translating it on the screen. A good agency would have displayed their work for your convenience like Make My Memories. Contrary to popular belief, it’s a myth that good Product Photography Services are really expensive. If you ask for multiple product shoots, you get amazing rates within packages. You can explore a vast range of product shoots like this portfolio done in collaboration for Dorothy’s of Werribee.

Now that the essentials are transpired, you’re all set to dive into the wide spectrum of Product Photography and make your products shine and sales rise. Good Luck, cheers!

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